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Comprehensive Closing Services, LLC  manages your closing to make sure your interests are protected.

Comprehensive Closing Services

Comprehensive Closing Services, LLC was founded in May of 2023 by Megan Peck. For over seven years, she has helped provide a smooth Real Estate Transactions for both Residential and Commercial Buyers and Sellers in Erie County, PA and beyond.

Meet The Team

Megan Peck, a Licensed Title Agent in Pennsylvania, is Comprehensive’s Sole Owner.
After gaining years of experience, first in the Legal Field and then in the Real Estate Title
Industry, she began to see where the Buying and Selling process could be made more
efficient and enjoyable for clients, and thus Comprehensive Closing Services was born,
with a mission of making the Real Estate Transaction process more effective and pleasant
for all parties involved. In furthering that mission, Megan is known for her accessibility,
attentiveness, to both the client and the process, and for her diligence. Her motto: “Get it done".

She brought along with her a veteran in the Real Estate Legal and Closing Arena, Former Attorney Chetty Vendetti, who’s expertise, knowledge of all things Real Estate, decades of experience and overall candor add value to your Closing Process by ensuring a smooth closing process.


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